/// 5 AXLE 48,000L TWO-COMPT


Specifications sheet

Model & Regulations Non-Code / TC406 HM Mixed Service CMVSS 121 (Brakes), CMVSS 108 (Electrical) Temp Range between -17°C to 204°C (0°F to 400°F)
Capacity & Compt 48,000L: 2 Compartment B-train Lead: 25,000 liters (5,500 imperial gallons) Pup: 23,000 liters (5,060 imperial gallons)
Tank Outer Shell; Tank Framing 5454 H32 Alloy MILL Finish Alum Crossmembers
Bulkheads & Ring Stiffeners Flanged and dished Bulkheads, Baffles per Design Aluminum ring extrusions, continuously welded
Insulation Fiberglass: around tank shell, Thickness: 150 mm (6”), when compressed 100 mm (4”)
Manholes; Vents Betts PPVL 720 BXV, 20’’ diameter, 10’’ diameter fill cover
Discharge system Betts, P/N 46924ALTS-051, 6” X 4’’ pneumatic EV Outlets: C/S of the lead ahead of the R/G & C/S rear of pup terminating with a 4” gate valve & aluminum camlock adapter/cap Dixon VR6035SQ Pneumatic Vapor Vent installed in a 6” Riser & relocated Betts 64
Pump off-line Optional - 4” aluminum piping plumbed from rear sumps to the C/S front fender location. Terminating with a Betts EV46920ALTS030, gate valves & camlock adapter
Thermometer Two (2) 50°F to 500°F (- 10°C to 260°C) Range Installed on C/S of the lead and rear head of pup
Heating coil Optional 2” aluminum pipes, single run in/out full length Maximum operation pressure: 100 PSI
Suspension Frame Heavy Duty T100 & HLSA Steel Suspension Frame w/ Brackets for Huck Bolt-On Hanger Installation
Suspension Tridem & Tandem Axle HENDRICKSON INTRAXX AAT25K 14” RH, HXL-3 Wheel end system, 25,000 LBS Capacity, Bolt-On
Wheels &Tires 8.25 x 22.5 Std Aluminum Wheels Michelin XTE 11R 22.5 14(G)
Lift Axles & Tire Inflation Provisions included for future installation of UBL lift axle w/ Wabco control system & Tiremaxx
ABS Brake System To CMVSS 121 ABS Wabco 2S/2M for the Lead & 2S/1M for the Pup
Air Tanks & Wiring All Aluminum Air Tanks per Design Colour-Coded Air Lines per SAE Std
KP Plate Heavy Duty 3/8” Steel Construction w/ 2” King Pin & 3” Adjustable Bolt Holes
Landing Gear Holland Mark V 200,000 LBS Two Speed w/ Non-Removeable Handle
Painting Steel & Frame Components Powder Coated Black. L/G & Axles OEM Armor Guard Finish
Electrical & Lighting Systems CMVSS 108 Truck-Lite LED Lighting System with Fit n’ Forget Harness system
Aluminum Cabinets Two (2) - 25’’ x 16’’ x 8’’ Alum Operator Cabinets One Per trailer
Other Accessories Aluminum Fenders; Aluminum Ladder, Aluminum Hose Tube & More
Documents All Test & Certifications Documents Completed & Provide to the Customer